Top quality hands-on physio services

Physio Services

Spinal Check and Adjustment

Thorough check of spinal position and condition to fix common problems such as headaches, neck and lower back pain through spinal release and adjustments to spinal position.

Muscular Check and Adjustment

Thorough check of muscular condition and treatment to ease a multitude of muscular problems from muscle tightness to muscle degeneration.

Postural Correction

Correcting posture through manual adjustment, education and exercises that will help ease aches and pains caused by poor posture.

Sport and Work Injuries

Assessment and treatment of sport and work injuries such as sprains, tears and back injuries.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Effectively helping you to return back to optimum after surgery.

EPC Programme/ DVA / Workcover / CTP Insurance

No gap consultations for eligible clients referred by their GPs and have appropriate approvals from relevant organisations.
Complete dietary management service

Dietitian Services

Health and Nutriton Assessment

Assess personal health history, recent anthropometry, weight history, psychosocial factors, dietary recall and nutrition-related goals.

Individualized plan, meal suggestions and counselling for behavior change

Construct an individualized and practical meal and lifestyle plan for the client. Work collaboratively with the client to develop a self-monitoring and evaluation plan to map progress.

Diet analysis and 7-day meal plan

Analysis nutrient intake through collecting 3-day diet history. Develop 7-days personalised meal plan base on client’s goals, food preferences and culture