Our therapists are dedicated to providing the best health services that cater to your needs.

Fred Hsu

B. Physio (Hons), APAM. Specialised in management of injury, exercise and chronic pain.

Fred is a University of Queensland graduate Physiotherapist (Honours). He has experience working in hospital and community environment where he handled a diverse range of cases. He also has special interests in tennis, basketball and bodybuilding training.

Fred has strong dedication in providing the best healthcare to the client. He believes in creating a comfortable patient-centred environment.  

Bethany Nally

B. Physio, APAM. Specialised in woman health and pain management

Beth graduated from Australian Catholic University in 2015. She has experience in a variety of conditions and has a keen interest in women’s health. Beth is committed to providing her clients with the best health care and likes to empower her clients with home management strategies.

Gary Hsu

B. Physio, APAM. Specialised in management of injury, exercise and chronic pain.

Gary graduated from the University of Queensland. He has experience working in community and hospital environments. He also has experience in private practice specialising in chronic pain and injury management. Gary has special interest in racquet sports, physical training and classical music.

Michael Lee

B. Physio, APAM. Specialised in sport and injury management

Michael graduated from University of Queensland in 2013. Since the, he has practised mainly in private practices where he specialised in sport and injury management. Michael also has experience in pain management and exercise prescription.

Michael spends his leisure time playing basketball.

Peter Chou

M. Physio, B. ExSc, APAM. Specialised in complex musculoskeletal conditions

Peter holds a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy and has a wide range of experience including teaching in university and working closely with international research organisations. Peter specialises in muscle and skeletal adjustments.

Peter established VIVO Physio and Health Management in hopes that he could provide genuine and dedicated healthcare to the community. He wanted to create a place where needs of clients were heard and understood. Peter believes in working closely with GPs and other allied health professionals to ensure his clients’ healths are well managed all around.